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  • He was breathing as shallowly as possible, so as not to create even more agony in his lungs than was already there. The distance from the ground had kept the coyotes away, but the birds had visited and pecked.
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    It appears she was alone when she got attacked, Clark says, scanning pages in his notepad. His doctor had told him that if Dillon hadn't applied the tourni quet when he did, he would almost certainly have bled to death before the police arrived.
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    To relieve myself of the force, I was instructed to pull at my right ear with fingers of my left hand. The lout copied without care and his characters, as you see, are like bird- droppings.
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  • Over Road People

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    Road People kan worden ingeschakeld door personen en bedrijven die behoefte hebben aan conceptuele en/of praktische ondersteuning bij hun internetinitiatieven.